What's Brewing

Alcohol: Meet Punch Pops

Punch Pops are new to Massausetts and are a great summer treat!


The ABV rings at 7.5% and are gluten free and made with no artifcial sweetners! If you like Italian Ices or slushies, this is your drink!


Looking for other new summer drinks? Check out what is new!


Smirnoff Ice Fun Pack!

Smirnoff Ice 12oz. Can Fun Pack featuring Original, Raspberry, Margarita and Strawberry flavors (12 slim cans)


TGI Friday's Long Island Ice Tea and Black Berry Ice Tea

Originial Long Island is made with Premium vodka, premium white rum, premium gin, Triple Sec, brandy, sweet & sour mix, fresh lemon, Pepsi. While the Blackberry is made with Premium vodka, premium white rum, premium gin, Chambord Liqueur, Triple Sec, blackberries, fresh lime and lemon juices, fresh lemon, 7 Up


TGI Friday's Moscow Mule

Made with Ginger Beer, mixed with juicy lime for a great balance of sweetness and acidity, with a subtle mint background


Lost Nation Gose

A Traditional German beer style. An amazingly refreshing beer brewed with coriander and sea salt. Has a tart, dry finish combined with the hint of salt and citrus 


Sup! Organic Seltzer

The first organic seltzer on the market, comes in 4 flavors: Cucumber, Peach, Lemon and Black Cherry. As well as a variety pack!



The classic mimosa is now canned. Originated on Cape Cod and based out of Cambridge Ma, this local company is doing canned mimosas right. Comes in a 6 Pack that has the equivilance of 2.5 bottles of champagne!