't Gaverhopke


From 12% Percent Imports From ‘t Gaverhopke, a tiny brewpub in the equally small West Flanders town of Harelbeke, we bring you some extraordinary beers, until now unavailable anywhere outside the confines of the brewery – which opens to the public only on weekends. It is (or was) there and only there that the beer can be had. Allegedly. Truth be told the first time we tried them was years ago at Kulminator. But then Kulminator is known for having beers others don’t. The beers of ‘t Gaverhopke, however, weren’t on the official beer menu. Much like another fairly well known rare Belgian ale which can only be procured at its source, these beers had a separate card - a card whose weathered, laminated edge was poke-poking up enough just to draw our attention one fateful afternoon. (Even at a bar, beers like these must be searched for and discovered.) We ordered the blond and the 12. Minutes later, a life-altering experience. Who makes these beers? What are their names? Give them to me. Where are they? How can we get it? Well then we’ll start an import business so that we can get it. A simplification of how we started, yes. But the gist is there. So some time has passed and a number of serendipitous events have conspired to allow us to bring you these truly remarkable gems from the tiny brewery ‘t Gaverhopke. I hope they bring you the same delight they bring us.