The first record of brewing beer at the Allgauer Brauhaus are dating back to the year 1394. Rupert von Bodeman, Prince Bishop of Kempten who reigned between the years 1678 til 1728 founded the STIFTSBRAUREI a predecessor of the Brauhaus. His demand on quality when brewing beer was so legendary that to this day it is still the benchmark for brewing at the Brauhaus and to maintain that image of outstanding and unparalleled beers. In the year 1823 Martin Leichtle, who was first the brewmaster at the STIFTSBRAUEREI, than leased the brewery and finally purchased the STIFTSBRAUEREI brewed such good beer, that 2/3 of the regions thirst was quenched by his brews. Around 1900, the brewery Haerle located at the time in the village of Aulendorf (in the Kemptner neighborhood) became part of the Brauhaus. Haerle's contribution to the Brauhaus was the now famed Teutsch Pils which has celebrated its 100th anniversary. Thus making it most likely one of the oldest German beers brewed in the Pils style. In 1921 today's Brauhaus created through mergers and takeovers. Because of its unusually high quality standards the Allgauer Brauhaus beers were served on such recognized places as the Zeppelin and on the Hamburg Amerika Liners. Investments are ongoing to keep the brewery at the latest technical standard. The brewery is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified (a European Community Market certificate for top level quality facility. For environmental reasons the Brauhaus does not sell cans and uses only cleaning material known to be safe for the environment. Video: