Winter Beers make for great holday gifts!

We have new winter beers and ciders in stock! Be sure to check them out before they're gone! Mystic Table Beer This staff favorite is an incredibly drinkable everyday saison, brewed with Hallertau and Ella Mystic Voltage Voltage is our hazy IPA in regular rotation. Slightly juicy with just enough bite, this IPA, brewed with Citra, Santiam, and Perle, stands out amongst the many. Downeast Winer Blend a reward for all that shoveling. we keep it interesting with toasted oak chips, cinnamon bark, nutmeg, and a little extra kick to help you forget you have to go back out there. Lagunitas Sparkling Swan It was magnificent like a diamond, but with an origin shrouded in mystery. Transcendental and, one might say, pulchritudinous like Venus and all her celestial splendor. The crowd moved toward its light like sheep to their shepherd. When the mythical bird finally came into view it did so with the brilliance and magnitude of so many Suns. To the astonishment of every witness, its wings unfurled with nary a zephyrean sound. Then, sparkling with an intriguingly-purple vividness, it rose gracefully into the air. Light as a glimmer, yet dark as an omen. A dazzling, winged conundrum, stunning all in its path... Cisco Winter Shredder Gnar-Gnar Lumpkin, the shreddingist snowman this side of Nantucket Sound, likes nothing better than catching a wave on his board...a Cisco wave that is, cold, fresh, and wicked cool! Get mad shacked with the Shredder and have yourself a merry little winter. Rekorderlig Spiced Apple Cider Rekorderlig Spiced Apple Hard Cider is an aromatic blend of European apples infused with cinnamon and vanilla, Rekorderlig Spiced Apple Hard Cider can be enjoyed hot with a slice of orange or cold over ice. Southern Tier Old Fashioned A remarkable ale brewed with local maple syrup, tart cheery juice, dried orange peel, cinnamon, coriander, cardamom & chichona bark, aged in bourbon barrels. Sam Smith Winter Welcome Ale This seasonal beer is a limited edition brewed for the short days and long nights of winter. The full body resulting from fermentation in ‘stone Yorkshire squares’ and the luxurious malt character, which will appeal to a broad range of drinkers, is balanced against whole-dried Fuggle and Golding hops with nuances and complexities that should be contemplated before an open fire. Sam Smith Select Box Contains a Samuel Smith glass and each a bottle of Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale, Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout and either Samuel Smith's Old Brewery Pale Ale or the Samuel Smith's India Pale Ale Beer. Left Hand 4/6C Fade Black Volume 1 That time of year when the day seems to fade away. Drifting further into the darkness with each passing day. Volume 1 – Foreign Stout – Pours black with licorice, espresso bean, molasses, and black cardamom notes that give way to a feeling of self loathing, burnt opportunities and smoked relationships. New!!! HRD WTR Hard Sparkling Water From MIA Brewing From Miami FL. HRD WTR Blueberry Cucumber Lemon Lime Grapefruit Key Lime and Pineapple Coconut Allagash Pictavia 6/4 Pictavia (the former name of Scotland) has sweet honey and caramel notes balanced by oak and a light tart bitterness. It’s brewed with Special B, Munich, pale, and Caramel malt in addition to roasted barley and our two row blend. It’s then hopped exclusively with Northern Brewer. After fermenting on an abbey-style yeast, we age it in scotch barrels—that first held port, before scotch—for around four months. 14 Star Tribute Our Tribute Double IPA is celebration of hops! A smooth malt backbone allows 5 different hop varieties to steal the show with bright flavors and aromas of pine, fresh citrus, and pineapple 14 Star Maple Breakfast Stout An Oatmeal Stout brewed with local maple syrup and Northern Bayou cold brew coffee — our Maple Breakfast Stout has flavors and aromas of dark malts, coffee, and maple. 14 Star B72 Brewed with copious amounts of Australian and American hop varieties, our B-72 New England IPA packs a punch in a golden haze of juicy grapefruit flavor and tropical fruit aroma Lefty's Mystery Box You can smell it as soon as you start pouring it. Passion fruit, mango, pineapple, citrus . . . this jungle of tropical fruit explodes with an aromatic whiff that sticks to your face. Even after your beer is gone, you’ll find strong traces of Galaxy, Azacca, and Citra hops lingering in your glass. This was the 4th IPA in a series, dubbed Mystery Box, always using various hops to see how they mingled together. It’s no mystery that these tasty buds were a winning trifecta. Lefty's Doc Double Whammy One day, Doc decided to double the hops while brewing, so the team, of course, followed along and added even more! Loaded with Chinook & Cascade hops, we created this smooth sipping double IPA that turned into a favorite for everyone! In honor of Doc, we’ve kept this double whammy of a brew in our line-up for all to enjoy.